Energy Aware Computing - 2010/2011

Lecturer: Aristides Efthymiou

This page is constantly under construction. This is a predicted timetable of lectures which includes last year's slides. As the course progresses, the teaching material will be updated. By the end of the semester, the page will provide an accurate record of the whole course.

The course descriptors Inf4 MSc outline the syllabus, activities and course prerequisites.

Lectures are in
Tuesdays at 14.00-14.50 in FH 1.B09
Fridays at 14.00-14.50 in FH 1.B09,

There are no tutorials for EAC. For individual help on course content it's best to catch me after the lecture and/or send me an email.

A related resources web page is now available.


  • This course assumes that you are familiar with the organisation of a modern, super-scalar processor. You can refresh your memory by reading this paper, or, better, re-visit the computer architecture textbook by Patterson and Hennessy.
  • A local copy of the architectural simulator (hot leakage/wattch/simplescalar) is available for download.
    You can find traces of benchmarks here. Each is around 10M bytes.
    The stand-alone cacti tool is here.


  • Assignment 1a (All Students): Model a filter-cache in Simplescalar/Wattch.
    Issued: Tue 21/9
    Deadline: Thu 14/10 4pm.
    Worth: 5% of course marks
  • Assignment 1b (All Students): Implement one energy-saving method from the list available here.
    Issued: Tue 21/9
    Deadline: Fri 12/11 4pm.
    Worth: 45%(UG4)/35%(MSc) of course marks
  • Assignment 2 (MSc Students only): Literature review
    Issued: Fri 12/11
    Deadline: 4pm Fri 3/12
    Worth: 10% of course marks

Reading material

S. Kaxiras, M. Martonosi, Computer Architecture Techniques for Power-Efficiency, Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture. Morgan&Claypool publishers.
Available for free download from the above link (from machines on Edinburgh University network).

The book follows a different order of presentation but covers most of the course material.

Also see notes, links next to each lecture in the schedule below.


Wk Date Lecture Topic Reading Coursework
21/9 Introduction and Overview
Slides 2upbw
  Coursework 1a
Coursework 1b
24/9 CMOS technology
Slides 2upbw
28/9 Modelling for power/energy
Slides 2upbw
  • Chapter 2 of the book
1/10 Simplescalar workshop #1 - OoO Processors
Slides 2upbw
5/10 Simplescalar workshop #2
Slides 2upbw
Also look here for excellent, detailed information on simplescalar (MS powerpoint).  
8/10 Circuit level techniques
Slides 2upbw
12/10 Micro-architecture level techniques
Slides 2upbw
  • Sections 4.2, 4.3, 4.12 of the book
15/10 Dynamic u-arch techniques in the processor core
Slides 2upbw
  • Sections 4.5-4.7, 4.11 of the book
Coursework 1a deadline (Thursday 14)
19/10 Memory structures and caches
22/10 Power-aware caches
2up bw
  • Sections 4.4, 4.8, 4.9 of the book
26/10 Lecture slot available.    
29/10 Lecture slot available.    
Wk Date Lecture Topic Reading Coursework
2/11 Leakage power
2up bw
  • Chapter 5 of the book
5/11 Dynamic power management and DVFS
  • Sections 3.1, 3.2, 3.4 of the book
9/11 Software-level techniques
  • Section 3.3 of the book
12/11 No lecture - Project due today!   Coursework 1b deadline
Coursework 2
16/11 Better than worst case computing
19/11 Self-timed systems
23/11 Project demos
26/11 Project demos    
30/11 empty    
3/12 empty   Coursework 2 deadline

Paper readings:

Circuit level techniques

Better than worst case computing

The web page is maintained by the course lecturer: Aris Efthymiou


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