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Printing - September 2011 Changes

From the beginning of September 2011 printing to the Appleton Tower open access printers (see below) is now controlled via the University's central print system. This is to recoup the costs of excessive printing, and save some trees.

This has been achieved by removing the affected printers/queues from the main 'infcups' print server and hosting them on a new, authenticated, print server 'atkrbcups'. For users of the DICE lab machines, all the configuration is already taken care of, and printing to the printers will just work. However any printing will be deducted from your University print allowance. Once your allowance has been used up, you will need to credit your University print and copy account if you wish to continue printing. For more information of the University's printing and copying system, see the Information Services web page:

Note this also applies to staff, if you want to print to the chargeable queues, you will need to have credit in your University printing account.

List of Chargeable Printers

Queue NameOld nameLocation
at3labm0at17AT level 3 open area
at4labm0at7AT level 4 open area
at4labc0at10cAT level 4 open area
at5corm0at3AT level 5 open area
at5corc0at13cAT level 5 open area
at5westm0at14AT level 5 West lab

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