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This is the home page for the School of Informatics course "ST: Software Testing", given by Ajitha Rajan in January-April 2018.


This course provides in-depth coverage of software testing further to develop the introductory material covered in Informatics 2C - Software Engineering. The goal of the course is to provide students with the skill to select and apply a testing strategy and testing techniques that are appropriate to a particular software system or component. In addition the student will become a capable user of test tools; will be able to assess the effectiveness of their testing activity; and will be able provide evidence to justify their evaluation. The course will be supported by a group practical exercise involving the development of appropriate tests and the application of a range of testing tools.

Course Organisation

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Week 1 (starting Jan 15)

Tuesday Lecture Course Organisation [slides], Why Test? Faulty Software, Testing Overview - Chapters 1 and 2 [Chapters 1 and 2] .

Friday Lecture Unit Testing with JUnit [JUnit] , Functional Testing [Chapter 10] .
Tutorials No tutorials in week 1
Required Readings: Suggested Readings:

Week 2 (starting Jan 22)

Lectures Combinatorial Testing [Chapter 11] , [Example- Category Partition] , Finite Models [Chapter 5] .

Required Readings:
Tutorials No tutorials in week 2

Week 3 (starting Jan 29th)

Lectures Structural testing [Chapter 12] , [Activity] , Test case selection and adequacy [Chapter 9] .

Tutorials Tutorial 1 this week. See Tutorial tab for more information.

Week 4 (Starting February 5th)

Lectures Path coverage [Extra Slides on Path Coverage] , Data Flow Models [Chapter 6] , Data Flow Testing [Chapter 13] .

Week 6 (Starting February 26th)

Friday Lecture University Closure, Lecture CANCELLED

Week 7 (Starting March 6th)

Lectures Mutation Testing [Chapter 16] , Model-Based Testing and Testing OO Software [Chapter 14 and 15] .
Integration Testing [Chapter 21] .
Required Readings:
Suggested Readings:

Week 8 (Starting March 13th)

Friday Lecture:
Test-Driven Development TDD , Example.

Week 9 (Starting March 19th)

Lectures Regression Testing [Chapter 22, Section5] .
Test Execution [Chapter 17] .
System and Acceptance Testing [Chapter 22] .

Required Readings:

Week 10 (Starting March 26th)

Lectures Security Testing [slides], Software Process Models - Recap [slides]
Planning and Monitoring [Chapter 20] .
Program Analysis [Chapter19]

Week 11 (Starting April 2nd)

Lectures Summary Lecture [Summary] .
Sample Exam [Questions]


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