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Reviewing some research papers is one of the three assessed practical exercises for this module. Four research papers have been selected, from which you should choose at least two. A review form has been provided with a similar structure to a referee's form for a conference or journal. Its purpose is to ensure that you have read the paper and have understood it. The review process tests whether you have identified the main scientific contribution(s) of the paper and whether the research reported succeeded in its aims. These reviews constitute 30% of the assessment of the module. Between 10 and 20 hours are allocated, in total, to reading the research papers and completing the forms.

Skills to be Developed

The paper reviews are designed to help you develop the following skills:

Assessing Relevance

Referee forms, such as that provided by the ERA system, ask you to assess the relevance of the paper. You should assess this with respect to the outlet in which the paper was published. The outlet, e.g. the journal, conference proceedings, etc, is specified in the citation of the paper. Most journals will have a web page in which the coverage of the journal is specified. Similarly, most conferences will have a web page on which there is a Call for Papers, specifying the coverage of the conference. You can find these web pages via your favourite search engine. Those for conferences may have disappeared, but you might find a Call for Papers for a more recent conference in the series. Failing this, try to work out the outlet's coverage from its title. ERA has a generic list of topics: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. Ignore these, and specify in the comments box any areas of the outlet's coverage that you find relevant to the paper.

Submission Process

For each of the research papers there is a deadline for submission. Your review should be submitted electronically, using the

 submit irm  <paper number> <filename> 

by this deadline. <paper number> should be a number from 1 to 4, depending on which of the four papers has been reviewed. <filename> should be a pdf file. Please do not put spaces in filenames; these cause problems for the automatic file printing command. Use hyphen or underline instead of space.

Each review will be marked and returned to you with feedback and a mark within approximately two weeks of the deadline. Note that the mark awarded is provisional and must be confirmed by the Board of Examiners. Only the best two scores will be used to calculate the final mark for this part of the module. You can submit as many reviews as you like, but are strongly advised to submit at least two.

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