Informatics Research Methodologies
Research Papers to Review

Number Papers Deadline Feedback
1 Cyrus F. Nourani, Agent planning, models, virtual haptic computing and visual ontology, Professional Practice in Artificial Intelligence, IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 218, eds J. Debenham, (Boston: Springer), 2006, pp 41-50. 4pm Fri 5 October 2007. Feedback
2 Sascha Kohn, Rolf H. van Lengen, Gerd Reis, Martin Bertram, Hans Hagen, VES: Virtual Echocardiography System, IASTED VIIP, 2004, pp 465-471. 4pm Fri 19 October 2007 Feedback
3 Jon G. Hall, Andres Silva, A conceptual model for the analysis of mishaps in human-operated safety-critical systems, Safety Sci. (2006), doi:10.1016/j.ssci.2006.11.0010. 4pm Fri 2 November 2007 Feedback
4 Stephen L. Reed and Douglas B. Lenat, Mapping Ontologies into Cyc, AAAI 2002 Conference Workshop on Ontologies For The Semantic Web, Edmonton, Canada, July 2002. 4pm Fri 16 November 2007 Feedback

Use the paper's number when submitting your review, i.e. in

 submit msc irm-5  <paper number> <filename>  

Note that, to simplify the submission process, all students should submit coursework as MSc students.

Alan Bundy

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