Informatics Research Methodologies
Research Papers to Review

Number Papers Deadline Feedback
1 J. C. Lester. et al The persona effect: affective impact of animated pedagogical agents. Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems, Atlanta, pp. 359 - 366. 5pm, Sun 29 January 2006 Feedback
2 W. K. Leow. Computational studies of exploration by smell. Adaptive Behavior, 6(3/4), 1998, pp. 409-432. 5pm, Sun 12 February 2006 Feedback
3 Marc Eisenstadt. "My hairiest bug" war stories. Comm. ACM 40 (4), Apr. 1997. 5pm, Sun 26 February 2006 Feedback
4 A.A. Freitas & S.H. Lavington. A framework for data-parallel knowledge discovery in databases IEE Colloquium on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. Digest No. 96/198, pp.6/1-6/4. London. 5pm, Sun 12 March 2006 Feedback

Use the paper's number when submitting your review, i.e. in

 submit msc irm-5  <paper number> <filename>  

Note that, to simplify the submission process, all students should submit coursework as MSc students.

Alan Bundy

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