Informatics Research Methodologies
Research Papers to Review

Number Papers Deadline Feedback
1 Charles Elkan, The Paradoxical Success of Fuzzy Logic. IEEE Expert, pp. 3-8, August 1994. 5pm, Sun 8 October 2006 Feedback
2 Peter Wegner, Why Interaction Is More Powerful Than Algorithms, CACM May 1997. 5pm, Sun 22 October 2006 Feedback
3 Richard De Millo, Richard Lipton, Alan Perlis, Social Processes and Proofs of Theorems and Programs, CACM Vol 22, No 5, pp 271-280, 1979. 5pm, Sun 5 November 2006 Feedback
4 Keith L. Clark, Vasilios S. Lazarou, A Multi-Agent System for Distributed Information Retrieval on the World Wide Web, in WETICE97, Collaborative Agents in Distributed Web Applications, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1997. 5pm, Sun 19 November 2006 Feedback

Use the paper's number when submitting your review, i.e. in

 submit msc irm-5  <paper number> <filename>  

Note that, to simplify the submission process, all students should submit coursework as MSc students.

Alan Bundy

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