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date title topics reading notes lecturer
19/09/17 Introduction Context, history, importance, media B1.1 and B1.20.1.1 - 20.1.5 prezi Kartic
22/09/17 2D Graphics: 1 Radiometry, photometry, colour spaces, tristimulus system B1 Chapter 21 prezi Kartic
26/09/17 2D Graphics 1: image processing, linear filters, aliasing, Fourier series B1 Chapter 3.2 and 9.1-9.4 pdf Hakan
29/09/17 2D Graphics 2: Fourier series, applications B1 Chapter 9.5 pdf Hakan
03/10/17 3D Graphics: 1 Geometric Transformations B1 Chapter 6 pdf Hakan
06/10/17 3D Graphics: 2 View Transformations B1 Chapter 7 pdf Hakan
10/10/17 3D Graphics: 3 Curves Part 1: Segments B1 Chapter 15 pdf Hakan
13/10/17 3D Graphics: 4 Implicit and Explicit geometry, modelling, geometry processing [Botsch07]: Sec. 1, 2, 3 prezi Kartic
17/10/17 3D Graphics: 5 Rendering 1: projection, geometry, vertex & fragment shaders. B1: Ch.8 and Ch.18 prezi Kartic
20/10/17 3D Graphics: 6 Curves Part 2: Curves B1 Chapter 15 pdf Hakan
24/10/17 3D Graphics: 7 Rendering 2: Camera, BRDF, direct illumination, rendering equation. B1. Ch. 25, Slides and notes prezi Kartic
27/10/17 3D Graphics: 8 Rendering 3: Solving the rendering equation, sampling, Monte Carlo B1. Ch.14 (up to 14.4.3) prezi Kartic
31/10/17 3D Graphics: 9 Rendering 4: Importance Sampling, Stratified Sampling, Discrepancy, QMC Sec. 9.1 Art Owen's book prezi Kartic
03/11/17 3D Graphics: 10 Rendering 5: Physically-based rendering algorithms Slides: Krivanek et al 2013 prezi Kartic
07/11/17 Related topics Animation B1 Chapter 17 pdf Hakan
10/11/17 VR and AR 1 Perception of depth, stereo vision (pdf), rendering multiple views. VR by LaValle (Ch.1, Ch.6) prezi Kartic
14/11/17 VR and AR: 2 Tracking LaValle Chapter 9, Szelisky Chapter 6 pdf Hakan
17/11/17 Conclusion Hakan


B1. Marschner & Shirley,
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (3rd edition)

Search here or try this direct link (requires login).

B2. Gortler,
Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics.

Other graphics courses

  1. Computer graphics by Wojciech Jarosz, Dartmouth College.
  2. Introduction to computer graphics by Steve Marschner, Cornell University.
  3. Interactive computer graphics by Steve Marschner, Cornell University.
  4. Computer graphics by Wojciech Matusik and Fredo Durand, MIT Open Courseware (slightly older - 2012).
  5. Lecture notes from Stanford's past offering of CS164. Click on 'Lecture Notes' in the left pane. Highly recommended.

Miscellaneous links

  1. SIGGRAPH (and other graphics) papers over the past few years.
  2. WebGL Tutorials: 1 2 3.

Interactive resources

  1. WebGL Tutorials: Bezier curves.
  2. WebGL Tutorials: Hermite curves.


assignment# released due topic files
1 10/10/17 23/10/17 (5pm) 3D Transformations .zip
2 25/10/17 04/11/17 (5pm) Lighting and Shading .zip
3 17/11/17 30/11/17 (5pm) Modeling and Rendering .pdf


date tutorial# topic files solutions
28/09/17 1 image processing .zip .zip
6/10/17 2 WebGL and 3D Transformations .zip .zip
19/10/17 3 Lighing and Displacement Mapping .zip .zip
06/11/17 4 Environment Mapping and Ray Tracing .zip .zip