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The DICE environment provides various facilities which may be of use to groups of users who wish to work collaboratively. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the facilities listed below, please contact Support providing the required information.

Who can Request a Group Facility?

Research groups, groups of researchers and academic staff may request any of the facilities listed in this document. Research students may require the support of their supervisors. In some cases, facilities may be granted to MSc students or undergraduate students, at the request of a sponsoring member of staff.

Contact Support in the first instance.

Shared File Space

Groups of users may request access to shared file space. At the moment, it is possible to request either shared NFS file space ( which may be suitable if you intend to use long-running jobs) or shared AFS file space (which allows finer control over access to files, making it easier to apply the correct restrictions in the case of licenced data for example).

Group Web space

The groups web server enables groups to make their files available on the web. At the moment, use of cgi files is restricted on this service, though arrangments can be made on a case by case basis.

CVS and Subversion Repositories

Though we used to host CVS or Subversion repositories for groups of informatics users, we are now migrating these to the University's central Subversion service.

e-mail list

A group of users may request an email list, provided one of those users takes responsibility for the management of that list. This list-owner must be a current member of Informatics staff or an Informatics student.

See: for examples of current email lists.


The Informatics wiki server is available for groups of users and individual users who wish to add a new wiki web or to add to an existing web.

Web Forum Service and Web Chat

Contact Support to enquire about any of these services

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