UG3/UG4 Agent-Based Systems 2016-17

A course about agents and multiagent systems for beginners

This course is now run via LEARN.

Please contact the course lecturer if you have any difficulty accessing any of the material there. Information provided on these pages is NO LONGER UPDATED.

Multi-agent systems have emerged as an important areas of research and development in AI. A multi-agent system is one composed of multiple interacting software components known as agents, which are typically capable of cooperating to solve problems that are beyond the capabilities of any individual member. Multi-agent systems are important primarily because they have been found to have very wide applicability, in areas as diverse as industrial process control and electronic commerce. This module will begin by introducing the notion of an agent, discuss methods for how software and hardware can be constructed, how agents can be made to cooperate effectively with one-another to solve problems, and approaches to decision making in multiagent contexts.

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Michael Rovatsos

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