UG3 Agent-Based Systems


The coursework will involve every student choosing an example domain for an agent-based system (from a list of domains provided by the course lecturer, or, with approval by the lecturer, on a domain proposed by the student) and developing a specification of the system, which will be described in a 2000-word essay-style document, answering a list of questions.

Weekly tutorial sheets will include specific questions that address, taken together, all parts of the final assignment, so that weekly preparation for tutorials will significantly reduce the additional time to prepare the final submission.

A preliminary version of the submission will be submitted for feedback four weeks before the final deadline, and feedback on these will be returned two weeks before the deadline. This intermediate submission is purely for feedback purposes and carries no marks.

Coursework handouts and topic lists are not yet available, but will appear on this page on or before 19th January 2017.

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Michael Rovatsos

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