Topics and materials -- Social and technological networks

Topic 0 : Background

The background concepts used in this course are quite general. You will find many resources online to look up. You are free to use your favourite books. Wikipedia is a good source for specific definitions. The course assumes that you know the following conecpts. Make sure that you understand them..

Graph theory

Background Concepts:

There is of course wikipedia. There are many other sources, for example:

Asymptotic notations


Sources: Wikipedia. Also, Page 43-48 in this book.


Sources: Wikipedia.

Background problems

Topic 1: Introduction

Topic 2 : Cascades

Topic 3 : Influence maximization

Topic 4 : Strong and weak ties, betweenness, homophily

Topic 5: Random Graphs

Topic 6: Web graphs and Ranking pages

Topic 7: Distances, metrics and network constructions

Topic 8: Community detection and clustering

Topic 9: Spectral graph theory

Topic 10: Network embedding

Topic 11: Graph kernels and kernel methods

Topic 12: Power law networks

Topic 13: Small world networks

Topic 14: Classification

Topic 15 : Epidemics and gossip

Topic 16: Edge prediction and Miscellaneous topics