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MLPR news archive, Autumn 2017

2017-11-21: The University's course surveys are open. Please name your tutor if you have feedback about them.

2017-10-20: The second assignment is out. I'm continuing to release tutorials and answers at the end of each Thursday.

2017-10-12: From next week (16 Oct) I will drop the duplicate lectures. Tutorial 2 answers have been released.

2017-10-07: Assignment 1 pairs have been released, and there is a new mechanism for stragglers to get a pair. Check your email.

2017-10-06: Assignment 1 has been released.

2017-10-03: A new timetable for duplicate lectures has been settled. There will continue to be two copies of each lecture until further notice. Tutorial sheet 2 for next week's tutorials is out.

2017-09-29: On Monoday (2 Oct) the lecture will be delivered a second time in AT LT5 at 4:10-5pm. Please go to this slot (instead of DHT LTB at 12:10pm) if you can.

2017-09-27: Please sign up for a tutorial group, as on the tutorials page. Remember to make time to do the tutorial questions.

2017-09-26: The remaining lectures this week will also be delivered twice. In the usual slots, and at additional times. On Wednesday the repeat performance is in AT LT5 at 2:10-3pm. On Thursday, DHT LTC at 4:10-5pm. There will probably be duplicate lectures next week as well (TBA), although I hope not for the whole Semester.

2017-09-25: Today's lecture will be delivered twice. In the usual slot, and in the adjacent theatre, DHT LTC, at 4:10-5pm.

2017-09-24: You are encouraged to work in pairs for the first assignment, which will be released next week. Please let me know who you’d like to work with, or ask for a partner using this form. [2017-10-07: This form is now closed. Edit the spreadsheet emailed to the class list instead.]

2017-09-24: The first tutorial sheet for discussion next week has been released. Tutorial groups haven't been arranged yet. Thanks for your patience.

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