Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

This course is an introduction to data-driven methods applied to natural language processing. The emphasis is on methods, but we will survey applications such as syntactic parsing, text classification, information extraction, tagging, summarization. The final lectures will deal with statistical machine translation.

Lecturer: Philipp Koehn

TA: Tommy Herbert

Lectures: Monday and Thursday, 5:10pm, changed to: WRB room G.11

Tutorials: Tuesday and Friday, 1pm, AT 4.12
Tutorial group assignments.



A single assessment (worth 30%) of the course will be given out late January. You will have to turn in your paper and code at the end of March in class. If you have a problem accessing the data from the web site, it is also available at /home/miles/projects/ner/data-eng/ (English) and /home/miles/projects/ner/data-deu/ (German).

The rest of the marks (70%) will go on the exam. Past exam, solutions.


Exact dates will change and may move around. Topics may shift and change during flight.

No Date Topic Slides Reference
1 7 Jan Introduction (I): Words and probability display | print MS chapter 1
K chapter 3
2 10 Jan Introduction (II): Estimation and information theory display | print MS chapter 2
K chapter 3
3 14 Jan Language modeling (I): From counts to smoothing display | print MS chapter 6
JM chapter 6
K chapter 7
4 17 Jan Language modeling (II): Smoothing and back-off display | print MS chapter 6
JM chapter 6
K chapter 7
5 21 Jan Tagging (I): Part-of-speech tagging with HMM display | print MS chapter 9/10
JM chapter 8
6 25 Jan Tagging (II): Transformation-Based Learning display | print MS chapter 10
7 28 Jan Tagging (III): Maximum Entropy Models display | print Ratnaparkhi [1996]
Berger et al. [1993]
8 31 Jan Parsing (I): Context-free grammars and chart parsing display | print JM chapter 9/12
9 4 Feb Project display | print -
10 7 Feb Parsing (II): Lexicalised and probabilistic parsing display | print JM chapter 12
11 11 Feb Word sense disambiguation display | print JM section 17.2,
MS chapter 7
Yarowsky [1995]
12 14 Feb Text categorization and clustering display | print MS chapter 14/16
13 18 Feb Semantics and discourse display | print Carlson et al. [2001]
Pang and Lee [2005]
14 21 Feb Machine translation (I): Introduction display | print -
15 25 Feb Machine translation (II): Word-based models and the EM algorithm display | print K chapter 4
Brown et al. [2003]
- 28 Feb NO CLASS
16 3 Mar Machine translation (III): Decoding display | print K chapter 6
Koehn [2004]
17 6 Mar Machine translation (IV): Phrase-based models display | print K chapter 5
Koehn et al. [2003]
Och and Ney [2002]
18 10 Mar Machine translation (V): Syntax-based models display | print K chapter 11
Yamada and Knight [2002]
Chiang [2005]
Collins et al. [2005]
19 13 Mar Machine translation (VI): Advanced topics display | print -
20 17 Mar Review - -

MS refers to "Manning and Schütze", JM refers to "Jurafsky and Martin", K to "Koehn", the three textbooks listed below.


When possible, online papers will be made available. As for books, the key references are:


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