Informatics Research Methodologies
Project Analysis

In this coursework, you must write a short report that analyses your UG4 project, using what you have learnt in IRM. Your report should be 4-8 pages long. I have provided a latex template that you might find useful. You should address each of the following questions:

See also the comments in the latex template for further suggestions about what needs to be covered. Also look at the generic feedback given to previous IRM students.

The project analysis coursework is an assessable component of the module carrying 40% of the total mark. Between 15 and 30 hours are allocated to it. The mark will be based on your report, which should be submitted electronically by 4pm on Thursday of week 11 of semester 1 (i.e. 1st December 2011), as a pdf file.

 submit irm 5 <filename> 

If you use latex, then please set the point size to 10 points (this is the default, so no action required), set document class to "article" and use package "a4wide", as in the latex template. This will set the margins, line spacing, etc to something reasonable. To simulate this with Word and similar packages, make the margins about 3cm wide, with 10pt type and one and a half spacing. You should not use cunning tricks to shoehorn or stretch your submission into the 4-8 page limit.

The lecturer will fill in a pro forma giving feedback and a mark to each student by Monday of week 1, Block 3 (i.e. 9th January 2012). Note that the mark awarded is provisional and must be confirmed by the Board of Examiners.

Skills to be Developed

The project analysis is designed to help you develop the following skills:

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