IPP - Informatics Project Proposal (INFR11147)

Course Description

In this course students write a research proposal. This is typically a proposal for the research that they will do during the summer project.
The course relies on tutorial session in which generic skills are learned and sessions with the supervisor to discuss literature and specific details.

Structure and delivery of this course will vary according to the nature of the project, and will be agreed between student and supervisor at the start of the semester. Representative activities might include literature review, data preparation, preliminary implementation, or establishing connections and gathering requirements from stakeholders. The student will then produce a project proposal that explains the hypotheses and/or goals, project management, and milestones with approximate times with some justification for these decisions. Key methodologies should be introduced.

On completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Further details are available on the DPRS page.


Course Organiser Björn Franke (email: bfranke@inf.ed.ac.uk)
Office IF-1.04 (hours by appointment)
Teaching Assistant Aurora Constantin (email: Aurora.Constantin@ed.ac.uk)

Course Events


Class TypeDayStartFinishBuildingRoom
LectureWednesday14:1015:00David Hume Tower Lecture TheatresLecture Theatre B



Self sign-up via LEARN.


Resources and Reading

Please note that the lectures do not cover the relevant material in as much detail as the books or papers. You are expected to learn from the papers, books, videos and discussions in tutorial groups. The lectures are to help with understanding and to give you an opportunity to ask questions.

There is a lot of reading required for this course - you have been warned! I make no apology for this because, even so, we only scratch the surface. Some additional resources including lecture recordings are available on LEARN.

IPP Resources

Resources from the Institute for Academic Development

The Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh offers study skills workshops, self-study learning resources, and advice to help you succeed in your studies. Here are some particularly useful resources for taught postgraduate students.

Project Planning and Project Proposals

Academic Writing and Language

Meeting Academic Standards

Wider Academic Topics

Useful Software Packages and Templates


Each student is expected to produce an individual report for outlining their Informatics Research Proposal. The report will be marked and contribute 100% to your overall mark for the IPP course.

Submission Instructions

Reports should also be submitted using Turnitin. Please follow equivalent steps as for your previous IRR submission (IRR submission instructions). You may find these videos useful:


Final IPP submission (extended!) 16:00 on Monday, April 27, 2020

Late Submissions and Plagiarism

If you encounter problems, please contact your IPP tutor as soon as possible.

Please read the Informatics policy on late submissions and plagiarism.

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