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MSc Projects 2014--2015

  • Project Submission Deadline: 12 noon August 21st 2015
    Detailed instructions on how to submit the project can be found under the heading Submission in the Project Guide.
    The electronic submission that is part of the submission process (see the instructions for electronic submission and archiving) requires users to log in with their DICE account details; external users will need to create an 'iFriend' account with Informatics. A Quick guide to iFriend is available. here.
  • Preferences Submission Form
    Do NOT pick more than one project by the same proposer.
    Don't fill this in before 19th January 2015.
    Deadline: 11:59pm 28th January 2015.
  • Project Groups

    Aim to meet between 23rd June and 11th July so that students can give a five to ten minute presentation on project progress and plans. The above web page includes information about group coordinators, and email links to the groups.