Help on the Informatics Search Service

Enter some keywords to search on, get help for this service, or find out about the tools used to construct it.

Simple Searching

For a simple search, try just entering some words in the box above. The service will return the best 20 matches from all of the documents on the Informatics server.

Boolean Expressions

If you want to join terms together, then the service supports the use of the logical operators AND, OR, and AND NOT. For example:
Intelligence AND NOT Artificial

Literal Expressions

If you want to search for a string, simply enclose it in double quotes. For example:
"Machine Vision"

Fielded Searches

The service supports the concept of "fields", where data can be associated with a particular meaning. Normally searches work across all fields, but you can constrain this by using a field= before the search term. For example:
abstract="machine vision"
Fielded searches allow you to restrict your searching in useful ways. There is a separate list of the fields supported by this server.

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