Masters Project Dissertation (Design Informatics)

Design Informatics Project Submission Deadline: 12 noon August 18th 2017

Advanced Design Informatics Project Submission Deadline: 12 noon April 7th 2017

There are detailed instructions for physical and electronic submission, in the Project Guide. The electronic submission that is part of the submission process requires users to log in with their DICE account details; external users will need to create an 'iFriend' account with Informatics. A Quick guide to iFriend is available here.

The project is an essential component of the Masters courses. It is a substantial piece of full-time independent work which occupies the final phases of the student's work.

  1. If taken as part of a one-year masters, it accounts for all of a student's time following their course exams. Deadline for submission: as specified for the standard Informatics MSc summer dissertation; usually mid-August.
  2. If taken as part of a two-year masters, it accounts for 1/3 of student time during Semester 1 of Year 2, and 2/3 of student time in Semester 2 of Year 2. Deadline for submission: as specified for the standard Informatics undergraduate honours dissertation; usually late March.

It allows students to demonstrate their ability to organise and carry out a substantial investigation into a problem in Design Informatics, according to sound scientific, engineering and design principles. The project involves both the application of skills learnt in the past and the acquisition of new skills. The project often involves the construction of an artefact, whether software, hardware, a robotic device, some other artefact incorporating computation, or some combination of these.

A dissertation describing the work must be submitted by the relevant deadline. Students may also be required by their project markers to demonstrate any system that arose from the project. If a demo is requested, it will typically take place just after the dissertation submission date. If the student is going to leave Edinburgh straight after submitting the dissertation, then they should contact their project markers in good time to tell them this, so that if the markers want to see a demo this can happen a few days before the project is submitted. Information about who is marking the project is typically released one month before the dissertation deadline.

The course descriptor is here:


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