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MSc Project Timetable 2015--2016

  • Friday, Jan 15th: Deadline for supervisors to propose projects
  • Thursday, Jan 28th: Deadline for self-proposed projects, with agreed-on supervisor(s)
  • Thursday, Jan 28th: Deadline for students to register interest in supervisor-proposed projects (or a combination of self-proposed and supervisor-proposed projects)
  • Thursday, Jan 28th: Deadline for supervisors to indicate their preferences related to which students they would prefer to have do their projects.
  • Tuesday, Feb 9th: Initial assignment of students to projects and supervisors made public.
  • Friday, Feb 19th: Deadline for changes to projects and supervisors
  • April 15th (4pm): IRP Assignment Due
  • June 1st: Board of Examiners meeting for MSc taught modules (Date to be confirmed)
  • June 2nd: Official start of work on MSc project for students progressing to project
  • Early July: Presentation of project progress and plans to MSc Group complete
  • Friday, Aug 19th: 12 noon deadline for submission of dissertation
  • Friday, Sep 2nd: First and second markers complete their project marking
  • Monday, Sep 5th: First and second markers agree a mark for the project, or fail to agree a mark, and the supervisor fills in the agreed (or failure to agree) mark form
  • Friday, Sep 16th: All project moderation complete
  • Oct: Internal Board of Examiners Meeting
  • Oct: Final MSc Board of Examiners Meeting