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This course is no longer being offered. It is replaced by the course Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

This is a course for basic data analysis, statistical model building and machine learning. The course aims to provide a set of tools that I hope you will find very useful, coupled with a principled approach to formulating solutions to problems in machine learning.

Please look here (MSc) or here (4th year) for the course aims and a brief overview of the material to be covered. There is also a more detailed introduction to LFD.

Preparatory Work

Students with little mathematical background would be well advised to do some preparatory work before the course begins.


For details about the lecture locations and timing check the details for this year. You must also register for the course: see the ITO registration site.

The Course Lecturer

Amos Storkey, a member of the Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation


Each week there are tutorials. Each person attends 1 hour a week. Attendance is compulsory for those that wish to get credit for this course. Once tutorials have been allocated, the details of your tutorials can be found here.


You should check here regularly for important announcements.


Some of you may struggle with the mathematics in this course. Please click on the link below for help. details

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