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Mathematical Help

For students who feel that they cannot cope with the level of mathematics in the course (and please, only those who are seriously struggling), additional mathematics tutorials will be available. Again the signup for this will be announced in the first lecture. This tutorial is of limited numbers, and so is allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Please note: the tutors will not directly respond to questions about assignment material. Their job is simply to provide background mathematical support.


Competency with vector and linear algebra is assumed in this course, in addition to elementary differential calculus and probability. You can probably scrape through this course without caring too much about the mathematics -- however, if you want to understand the course well, competency in these areas is essential. See also preparatory work.

You may find it helpful to study (modified) notes David Barber prepared for a course on vector algebra and geometry. This was a course for first year undergraduates. You can download the lecture notes.

In addition, this web page gives details of some books with maths background, and some web-based resources.

A book I quite like about linear algebra is Elementary Linear Algebra (applications version) by Anton and Rorres, published by Wiley.
Otherwise, almost any basic maths book which covers linear algebra and elementary calculus would be fine as an introduction to the mathematics you need to understand well the course material.


There is a handout Introduction to MATLAB giving an introduction to MATLAB.

To start MATLAB from the university machines: For example logging on to derby.inf.ed.ac.uk and opening an xterm we see the command prompt
Now simply type
[derby]username: matlab

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