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Informatics 1 Cognitive Science (2015/2016)

Course Overview

This course is suitable for any first-year student. We'll cover a number of aspects of the human mind and how it works, both from the perspective of one or more of the contributing disciplines such as psychology, linguistics or philosophy, and from the perspective of computational modelling. We'll also look a bit at what we know and don't know about the brain and its relation to the mind.

The course will cover two main areas of cognition: language and perception. For language, we'll focus on the way we learn about the structure of words, using Steven Pinker's Words and Rules. For perception, we'll look at connected aspects of vision, memory, and attention, using parts of the Goldstein and Baddeley et al. textbooks.

The lectures on each topic will be accompanied by tutorials and labs which explore the material in complementary ways. Details on the contents of lectures, tutorials and labs are linked from this page.


Announcements regarding the course will be posted to the course mailing list inf1-cg-students. All students taking the course are automatically subscribed to this list. You should register as soon as possible to ensure you receive important announcements. Previous postings can be accessed using the ccs-students emailing list archive.

The course uses a Piazza discussion forum for questions relating to the course material or the assignments. If you are enrolled in the course, you should received an invitation to join Piazza. Contact the lecturers if you don't receive one.

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