Lecturer: Shay Cohen
Teaching Assistant: Nikos Papasarantopoulos
Time and Location: Monday 11am-12pm, 2.12 Appleton Tower; Thursday 11am-12pm, Lecture Theatre 2, 7 Bristo Square (semester 2)
Office Hours: Set an appointment.

Potential Topics for Fulfilling Course Requirements:

(See also advice about fulfilling the requirements here.)

Link to the ACL anthology.

In addition, take a look at the Morgan and Claypool Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies. They can be a valueable source for finding papers to survey, or finding topics to begin with. Here is the current collection: here. If you are having trouble accessing a certain book, please let me know.

Other potential topics: finite state transducers and automata, grammar formalisms, language-specific papers (such as papers covering NLP for Russian), language acquisiton, phonology, Bayesian inference. Search for these topics online and see if any of them interest you, and the papers available for them.

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