Lecturer: Shay Cohen
Teaching Assistant: Nikos Papasarantopoulos
Time and Location: Monday 11am-12pm, 2.12 Appleton Tower; Thursday 11am-12pm, Lecture Theatre 2, 7 Bristo Square (semester 2)
Office Hours: Set an appointment.

Guidelines for course requirements:

(See also potential list of topics for fulfilling the course requirements here.)


The goal of the presentation is two-fold: (a) to show that you have familiarised yourself with a paper or a topic so that you can actually freely talk about it, and answer questions from your peers; (b) to help you learn the skill of public talk: for some it may come naturally, others have to work harder on that. The more you expose yourself to this kind of experience, the better you will become. When choosing the papers for your presentation, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Brief Paper Responses

The goal of writing the brief paper responses is to show that you can summarise an area or a paper in a succinct way, so that you could briefly explain it to someone else who is not knowledgable about the area. This is also an important skill to acquire, since it can foster collaborations with others, and enables you to communicate well about your research. When choosing the papers for your brief paper responses, keep the following guidelines in mind:


The goal of the essay is to show that you have deeply investigated a topic, studied the literature in the area and perhaps even ready to conduct research in that area. When choosing a topic, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Here are examples of two excellent essays from 2015 (they are a bit on the longer side, your essay does not have to be that long): Assignment

The goal of the assignment is to show that you were actively learning the material in the first part of the course, and that you were engaged in the lectures. This material should introduce you to the type of reasoning that is required with modern NLP algorithm and model development.

The assignment is a set of pencil-and-paper exercises. The questions will be variations or extensions of the material studied in the lectures. You should be able to answer these questions when equipped with the lecture handouts.

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