Informatics Research Methodologies
Presentation Timetable for Informatics Research Methodologies

Note that the first listed speaker in each slot will speak first, the second second. Each person will serve as 'session chair' to the other, i.e., introduce them, keep them to time, lead applause and questions, etc.

Date Student Title
Fri 21 Oct Maciej Czubak
Computing Market Price Equilibria
Fri 21 Oct James Tobin
Evolutionary Computing and Bipedal Robotic Gait
Tues 25 Oct No Presentations
Fri 28 Oct William Bradshaw
Computational Humour and Pun Generation
Fri 28 Oct Ott Tinn
Symbolic Execution
Fri 28 Oct
Robert Bezoari
Speech Recognition: Digital Signal Processing and Analysis
Tues 1 Nov Luke Brown
The importance of computer games in the development of children with Austism
Tues 1 Nov Marat Subkhankulov
Virtual Fly Brain Browser and Query Interface
Tues 1 Nov
Elias Kunnas
Bootstrap learning
Fri 4 Nov No Presentations
Tues 8 Nov Andrew Burnie
Cleaning Up Photos of Indexed Colour Documents
Tues 8 Nov Jennifer Sanger
The acquisition of allophonic rules using statistical learning
Tues 8 Nov
Harish Malliyakarai
Omni-drive robot motion on curved paths
Fri 11 Nov Rachel Dohrn
Sentiment Analysis
Fri 11 Nov Daniel Renshaw
Approximate inference of topic models
Fri 11 Nov
Daria Kuznetsova
Pseudorandom Number Generation
Tues 15 Nov
Callum Lewis-Smith
Dynamic Memory Allocation and Management
Tues 15 Nov Alexandros Gouvatsos
Robot Lupus: From Theory to practice
Tues 15 Nov Flavius Popescu
Multirobot Coordination: A Market-Based Approach
Fri 18 Nov Paul-Alexandru Pop
Basketball game video analysis
Fri 18 Nov Magdelena Konkiewicz
Review Summarizers
Tues 22 Nov Pawel Krol
Modelling and optimising energy use in an eco-village
Tues 22 Nov
Violeta Grigorova
Virtual Learning Environments and a demo design for UoE students
Tues 22 Nov Paula Mazur
Explaining the relative clause asymmetry
Fri 25 Nov Dimo Iliev
Comparing Augmented Reality Navigation to Google Maps with Street View
Fri 25 Nov Julien Mateos
Modelling false memories
Fri 25 Nov
Sean Wilson
SLAM - Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping
Tues 29 Nov Zishan Mirza
Testing Software
Tues 29 Nov Karl Monsen
Exploring computer games for education and health
Tues 29 Nov
Ryan Arias-Berrocal
Tues 6th Dec
Lachezar Kamburov
Robot Model of a Fidler Crab
Tues 6th Dec
Dimitris Karavias
Automatic classification of listener's response for realtime interaction of virtual agents with human listeners.
Tues 6th Dec
Jennifer Mace
Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs
Alan Bundy

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