Informatics 2B: Feedback

Two types of feedback are provided.
  1. Formative: this is feedback on your performance on some aspect of the course that does not directly contribute to the course marks. In Informatics 2B this type of feedback is provided by issuing exercise sheets for each week. You should attempt the majority of these exercises, writing out your answers neatly as though they were to be submitted for credit. You will be assigned to a tutorial group that meets each week (starting in the second week of the course). Your tutor will discuss the problems and how to approach their solution. In addition sample answers will be placed on the tutorial page so that you can study them in detail and compare your attempts at them.
  2. Summative: this is feedback on assessment that contributes to the final mark of the course. In Informatics 2B two assessed practicals are issued. These are marked under the supervision of the relevant lecturer. The markers are required to provide brief comments on the work you submit as they mark it. In addition the lecturer will issue a sample solution to some partd of the practical if this is appropriate (e.g., to pencil and paper style exercises).

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