Informatics 2B: Tutorials

Note: Tutorials start in Week 2 of Semester 2.

Tutorial groups are here (allocations will be completed by the end of Week 1). Contact the ITO with any queries.

Note: Sample solutions are placed here for you to consult but do this only after the relevant tutorial and you have tried doing each exercise for yourself (otherwise you will lose most of the benefit).


  1. Week 02: Algorithms. Asymptotic Notation. Tutorial 1 (Solutions).
  2. Week 03: Algorithms. Lists and Hashing. Tutorial 2 (Solutions).
  3. Week 04: Learning. Simple recommender system and clustering. Tutorial 3 (Solutions).
  4. Week 05: Learning. Introduction to statistical pattern recognition. Tutorial 4 (Solutions).

    16-20 Feb, Innovative Learning Week, no lectures or tutorials

  5. Week 06: Algorithms. AVL-trees, Heaps and the Master Theorem Tutorial 5 (Solutions).
  6. Week 07: Learning. Naive Bayes and Gaussians. Tutorial 6 (Solutions).
  7. Week 08: Algorithms. Sorting and Graphs Tutorial 7 (Solutions).
  8. Week 09: Learning. Classification with Gaussians and Discriminant Functions. Tutorial 8 (Solutions).
  9. Week 10: Algorithms and Learning (joint tutorial). Graphs and the Web; Single- and multi-layer networks. Tutorial 9 (Solutions).

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