Feedback and marking

Feedback overview

For each student seminar series (SSS), each of the groups will receive formative feedback on how well they have accomplished their task, with specific comments for improvement before they submit the assignment.

Each student's essay assignments will receive summative feedback in the form of a completed marking guide (i.e. rubric) assessing the work on various categories/subtasks. Blank marking guides (rubrics) will be made available to students ahead of time so that they can check their own work against the criteria. Rubrics are posted at the bottom of this page. Each student will also receive feedback on points where s/he is already doing well, and priorities for improving on the next assignment (or on the essay question for the exam, in the case of assignment 2).

For any general course questions or clarification on the assignment requirements, contact the lecturer, Helen Pain.

Please remember that "useful feedback" is a two-way relationship between you and the person giving the feedback. Benefiting from feedback requires some work from you, the student! It is very discouraging for the lecturer or marker to stay up late giving feedback, only to watch the marked papers sit in the ITO for the rest of the semester without being read. Please do make sure to READ your feedback in a timely fashion and consider how to make use of it for your next assignment, or on the exam essays. If you are not sure what your feedback means or how to actually USE it in improving your work, the answer is not to to throw the paper in the recycling bin. Please ask for help! Remember that your classmates can also help with understanding your feedback, if you feel comfortable discussing your work with them.

Feedback dates: When will you get your feedback?

Assignment 1
Officially assigned February 2nd,
due by 4pm Monday 26th February.
Feedback due to be returned by Friday, March 16th

Assignment 2
Officially assigned
Friday 2nd March, due to submit by Wednesday 21st March, 4pm
Feedback due to be returned by Friday, 6th April  

Assignment marking guides

Assignment 1 marking guide: Student version is here as a PDF
Assignment 2 marking guide: Student version is here as a PDF

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