Applied Databases (2016/2017)

Course Descriptor: Level 11
Lecturer: Sebastian Maneth
Office hours: by appointment

Lecture hours: First lecture: Monday 16 January, 2017.


Exam (60%)



Weeks Topic
Weeks 1-4 DB Design & SQL
Weeks 5-11 Heterogeneous Data (XML, Text, RDF/Graph)


Lecture Topic Read Slides Extra Read
Lecture 1 Introduction, Basics of XML [WDM, chapter 1] PDF
Lecture 2 Document Type Definitions (DTDs) [WDM, chapter 1] PDF
Lecture 3 DTDs (regular expressions) and DOM [WDM, chapter 1] PDF [Brüggemann-Klein Wood, 1998]
Lecture 4 SAX Parsing, Entity Relationship Model [WDM, chapter 1] PDF
Lecture 5 ER Model, Normal Forms PDF
Lecture 6 Normal Forms PDF
Lecture 7 Simple SQL queries PDF
Lecture 8 SQL and beyond PDF
Lecture 9 Spatial queries and indexes in MySQL PDF
Lecture 10 Text indexing (inverted files), scoring [WDM, chapter 13] PDF [Zobel, Moffat 2006]
Lecture 11 TFIDF Scoring, Lucene [WDM, chapter 17] PDF [Robertson 2004]
Lecture 12 Online Text Matching PDF
Lecture 13 KMP, Boyer-Moore, Horspool PDF
Lecture 14 Indexed String Search PDF
Lecture 15 Suffix Trees and Suffix Arrays PDF [Puglisi, Smyth, Turpin 2007]
Lecture 16 Suffix Array, Burrows-Wheeler Transform PDF
Lecture 17 XPath [WDM, chapter 2.3] PDF
Lecture 18 XSLT [WDM, chapter 10] PDF
Lecture 19 Exam Recap I PDF
Lecture 20 Exam Recap II PDF

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