The Informatics@Edinburgh publications portal is now closed to submissions.

All published papers should be added to PURE as per the new School Publications Policy. If you wish to publish a technical report, please contact the KM team to discuss options.

What is the Informatics@Edinburgh Publications Portal?

Informatics@Edinburgh Publications provides a portal to the non-thesis publications of the School of Informatics. Members of the School of Informatics are strongly encouraged to submit all their non-thesis publications to this portal via the publication submission form. The wider the coverage of the portal, the more effective it will be.

PhD theses should be submitted according to PhD thesis e-submission guidelines

The portal contains publication information on each submitted publication, together with an optional link to the full paper. This link can take one of two forms:

  1. The url of a location where the paper is already stored, e.g. the online repository of the journal in which it is published or the personal page of one of the authors.
  2. A locally stored pdf file.

You can also choose not to provide a link to the full paper, but we hope you will provide a link, since the portal is obviously more effective if it provides ready access to the paper. If you choose option 2 then you will need to assign non-exclusive electronic publication rights to the School of Informatics to ensure that the School does not infringe copyright by making your paper available. Note that you can't provide both a url and a pdf, since there is only one link to the full paper in each portal entry.

Who can submit a paper?

Independent researchers within the School of Informatics may submit papers for inclusion in Informatics@Edinburgh Publications at will. Other members of the School, e.g. students, can submit papers only with the approval of their supervisor.

What about copyright?

If you provide the url of a remote location then the School assumes that whoever is responsible for this location will already have the necessary copyright permissions to mount the paper. [If the url points to one of your personal pages then do ensure that you have the necessary copyright permission.] In this case, no manual processing of your submission is required and your publication will automatically appear in the portal the next time it is updated (usually overnight).

If you want to submit a pdf of your paper to the portal, then it is essential that the School has the right to publish it. This will automatically be the case if the School's policy on publications has been adhered to. This can entail amending the publisher's copyright assignment form. To help you do this, we have provided some advice and some exemplars of amended copyright forms that have been accepted by publishers. One author of each submitted publication is required to sign a declaration to indicate that the School's policy has been followed for this publication. A signed form must be received by the portal administrators before the publication can be included in the portal.

What form of your name will be used in indexes?

Regardless of how the web-based submission form is filled in, the names used for authors on indexes published on the web are their "formal names" as they appear in the Informatics database. These are the names used in the online telephone directory, not including any informal names which that list provides in parentheses.

How to submit a paper?

The submission procedure is as follows:

  1. Ensure that the authors are entitled to submit the paper (see above).
  2. If this is your first submission then read the instructions.
  3. If you intend to submit a pdf file then fill in a hard copy of the declaration and send it by internal mail to the portal administrators. If you need help preparing a pdf file then read the instructions for preparing pdf files.
  4. Fill in the publication submission form..

Publications nominated as "Research Outputs" for RAE 2008

Members of the School who may be submitted to RAE 2008 as, so called, Category A Staff, are asked to submit to the portal any publications that they are considering as one of their four nominated "research outputs". We have provided further instructions on how to do this.

The portal administrators

The portal administrator is Tamise Totterdell. Email about the administration of the portal should be sent to

Instructions for portal administrators

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