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Title:Low-discrepancy curves and efficient coverage of space
Authors: Subramanian Ramamoorthy ; Ram Rajagopal ; Qing Ruan ; Lothar Wenzel
Date: 2007
Publication Title:Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics VII, Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
We introduce the notion of low-discrepancy curves and use it to solve the problem of optimally covering space. In doing so, we extend the notion of low-discrepancy sequences in such a way that sufficiently smooth curves with low discrepancy properties can be defined and generated. Based on a class of curves that cover the unit square in an efficient way, we define induced low discrepancy curves in Riemannian spaces. This allows us to efficiently cover an arbitrarily chosen abstract surface that admits a diffeomorphism to the unit square. We demonstrate the application of these ideas by presenting concrete examples of low-discrepancy curves on some surfaces that are of interest in robotics.
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