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Title:Generation and Evaluation of User Tailored Responses in Multimodal Dialogue
Authors: Marilyn Walker ; S Whittaker ; A Stent ; P Maloor ; Johanna Moore ; M Johnston ; G Vasireddy
Date: 2004
Publication Title:Cognitive Science
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:# 28(5) Page Nos:811-840
„„When people engage in conversation, they tailor their utterances to their conversational partners, whether these partners are other humans or computational systems. This tailoring, or adaptaion to the partner takes place in all facets of human language use, and is based on a mendal model or a user model of the conversational partner. Such adaptation has been shown to improve listeners' comprehension, their satisfaction with an interactive system, the efficiency with which they execute conversational tasks, and the likelihood of acheiving higher level goals such as changing the listener's beliefs and attitudes. We focus on one aspect of adaptation, namely the tailoring of the content of dialogue system utterances for the higher level processes of persuasion, argumentation and advice-giving. Our hypothesis is that algorithms that adapt content for these processes, according to a user model, will improve the usability, efficiency, and effectiveness of dialogue systems. We describe a multimodal dialogue system and algorithms for adaptive content selection based on multi-attribute decision theory. We demonstrate experimentally the improved efficacy of system responses through the use of user models to both tailor the content of system utterances and to manipulate their conciseness.
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