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Title:Maintaining Attentional Capacity in a Social Robot
Authors: Yuval Marom ; Gillian Hayes
Date:Apr 2000
Publication Title:Cybernetics and Systems 2000
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Volume No:1 Page Nos:693-698
Attention as the perception of change, or event detection, is important for an agent interacting with its physical and social environments. Internal modifications of the controller, in terms of adaptation of a decision threshold used to detect changes, is used to control the level of detail attended to, or the attentional effort. By maintaining effort within some capacity bounds, the agent maintains an attentional drive, which results in not only a `comfortable' level of processing, but also in desired performance. We present results from simulations of robotic learning by imitation, where an agent learns a task by following a capable teacher agent around the environment.
2002 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
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