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Title:Designing artificial ears for animat echolocation
Authors: Jose Carmena ; DaeEun Kim ; John Hallam
Date:Sep 2000
Publication Title:From Animals to Animats 6, Proceedings 6th Int Conf on Simulation of Adaptive Behaviour
Publisher:MIT Press
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Page Nos:73-80
This work presents a plausible sound propagation model that can be applied to bat pinna design for echolocating animats. Previous work on artificial pinnae addressed the problem of phase cancellation in multi-reflector systems. An acoustic model inspired in a physical model of sound diffraction and reflections in the human concha, which can be scaled up to more complex surfaces, is presented. Experiments are performed in simulation as well as in the real world. RoBat, a biomimetic sonarhead mounted on a mobile robot, is used for the real world experiments. The results obtained support the plausibility of our acoustic model. A performance analysis of the reflector system with respect to the previous work is also given. Promising further work directions are also proposed.
2000 by The MIT Press
The authors and the University of Edinburgh retain the right to reproduce and publish this paper for educational purposes.
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