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Title:Estimating Doppler shift with a coarse cochlear filterbank
Authors: Jose Carmena ; John Hallam
Date:Nov 2000
Publication Title:Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ Internacional Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Volume No:1 Page Nos:221-226
In this work, RoBat, a biomimetic sonarhead mounted on a mobile robot, is presented as a platform in which to study perception in cf-bats. After addressing the relation between bats and robots, a biologically plausible model of the cf-bat's cochlea is described. The model consists of a filterbank with an artificial neural network (ANN) connected at the end of it. The ANN is used for extracting the frequency of the received echoes. Thus, Doppler shifts, which play a fundamental role in bat navigation, can be successfully estimated. Experiments with simulated and real data show the efficiency of the system when used on a LEGO mobile robot.
2000 by IEEE Press
The authors and the University of Edinburgh retain the right to reproduce and publish this paper for educational purposes.
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