Professional Issues 2015/16

Special Lectures

As part of your assessment, you must write a one-page written report summarising one of the guest lectures. Reports will be marked for both presentation and content.

You should write your report as though you were working for an IT company, and reporting on a topic of relevance to that company.

You should submit your reports, identified only by your student number, in class or to the ITO, by 16:10 on Thursday 26th November.

Course Material

The course textbook is

You may find the slides from Aberystwyth (home of Frank Bott, author of The Book) useful. Particularly the material on finince and accounting, which is not covered in detail in the book.

Copies of material used in class will be available in PDF format on the course webpage. The website also contains a list of other relevant documents.

Please buy (and read!!) the course textbook. Amazon offer a Kindle edition at £17 or so if you want an electronic copy.

Communications skills.


You will require clickers for marking presentations (see below). Clickers are available from the library.


Coursework is worth 15% of marks for the course, and the final exam is worth 85%.

Class notes and lecture log

Class videos

Exam Papers

The examination (that contributes 85% of the asssessment of the course) will involve a compulsory multi-part short-answer question (Q1) and an essay-style question (choose one from two Q2/Q3). You will be expected to be familiar with the material covered in the course text and to have an appreciation of relevant current affairs such as may be obtained by regular reading of a serious newspaper (e.g. Common Space, The National, or The Guardian) or news magazine (e.g. The Economist), or keeping abreast of relevant organisations (e.g. Open Rights Group). Your answers should, where relevant, draw on the content of lectures given by visitors, and on your fellow-students' video presentations, as well as on course notes and texts.

Past papers.

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