NIP Class Papers

Neural inspired parallel hardware. Furber et al. (2014)
Spike based visual computation. Perez-Carrasco et al (2013)
Linking ML networks to neural data from monkey area IT. Yamins et al.(2014)
Sampling with neurons. Buesing et al.(2011)
Autoencoders. Hinton et al (2006)
Large scale unsupervised learning Le et al (2012)
Spontaneous cortical activity reveals hallmarks of an optimal internal model of the environment. Berkes et al. (2011)
Visual stimuli recruit intrinsically generated cortical ensembles. Miller et al. (2014)
Learning with hierarchical-deep models. Salakhutdinov et al. (2013)
Spiking Boltzmann machines. Hinton and Brown (2000) Deep Learning Models of the Retinal Response to Natural Scenes. McIntosh et al. (2016). Overcoming catastrophic forgetting in neural networks. Kirkpatrick et al. (2017)

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