ANLP: Course activities, Feedback, Assessment, Exam information

Your final mark in this course is based on the following assessed work:

  1. Three assignments, worth 10% each (i.e., 30% in total).
  2. A final exam (120 minutes), worth 70%.

In addition, this course has unassessed work (labs and tutorials) to help with your learning and to provide feedback.

Details are provided below.

Unassessed work

Labs: This course includes a biweekly 1.5-hour lab session to give you practical experience working with linguistic data and computational methods. Labs should be done in pairs, and with plenty of discussion: see the preamble to Lab 1 for more details. We will try to post each lab in advance where possible, to give students time to look over it, but we assume that most or all of the lab work will take place during lab sessions.

Tutorials: We also hold biweekly tutorials to give you practice with pencil-and-paper exercises and time to ask questions and discuss problem-solving strategies in a small group setting. You are expected to work through the problems as much as you are able to before the tutorial session in order to use the session productively. The tutors can then help with any difficulties you ran across.

See the Time and Place page for lab and tutorial times and locations.
See the Lecture schedule for links to each week's materials.


For information about assignments (including due dates), see the assignments page.


You can expect to receive feedback on your progress in the course in at least the following ways:

Exam information

Date and format

Exam dates are fixed by the central University, usually announced around the end of October. For information on the range of possible dates, and the final date and location (when published), see the University examination timetables.

The exam will be a 120 min closed-book exam, with no calculators allowed. The rubric will be announced.

Past papers

Past exam papers can be useful as a general indication of the sorts of questions we may ask, but note that the topics covered in the course, and the format of questions, can vary from year to year.

For a link to all past papers, see here.

Note: Through 2014-15, this course was called Advanced Natural Language Processing. The course underwent significant changes in 2014-15, so the past papers from Advanced/Accelerated NLP 2014-15 and since then are a better guide for what to expect than papers from earlier years. There may also be a change to the exam rubric in 2017-18; we will announce this well before the exam.

Revision guide

For general advice on exam revision and exam strategy, see the Exam Preparation slides.

For a more extensive list of topics/questions to revise, please see the Revision Guide.

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