Accelerated Natural Language Processing Autumn 2017

Time and Place


Mondays 1510–1600 Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 5
Tuesdays1110–1200 Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 2
Thursdays 1510–1600 Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 2
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The first lecture will be on Monday September 18, 2017.


Week 1:

The week 1 labs will be on Wed and Thu from 1610-1730 in Appleton Tower, room 6.06. Many students will not yet be registered for this class in week 1, but we need to balance the numbers between the lab groups. Here's what you should do:

Weeks 3 and after:

Labs will be on Tues/Weds in alternate weeks, and we will have you sign up for one after you register for the class.

Tue/Wed 03/04 Oct1610–1730Appleton Tower, Room 6.06
Tue/Wed 17/18 Oct1610–1730Appleton Tower, Room 6.06
Tue/Wed 31 Oct/01 Nov1610–1730Appleton Tower, Room 6.06
Tue/Wed 14/15 Nov1610–1730Appleton Tower, Room 6.06


You will be assigned to a group at one of four times: Tue 1610-1700, Tue 1710-1800, Wed 1210-1300, or Wed 1310-1400.

Tutorial groups will meet in alternate weeks:

Tue/Wed 26/27 Sep
Tue/Wed 10/11 Oct
Tue/Wed 24/25 Oct
Tue/Wed 07/08 Nov
Tue/Wed 21/22 Nov

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