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Change to MSc Moderation Procedure

We subjected 64 of our MSc projects to moderation this summer, out of around 150.  In almost all cases, this moderation had no effect on marks, and the external examiners commented that some of our moderation is unnecessary.

There has been separate discussion on moderating UG4 projects, where the project mark is averaged with the exam marks before deciding degree classification.  The MSc system is different: the distinction/pass/fail decision is based on separate marks for exams and project.  Therefore, even if moderation could guarantee more accurate marks within boundaries, it would have little effect for MSc students.

We propose moderating far fewer projects in 2012/13.  Specifically:

  • Projects where there is no agreed mark and a large (>15%) difference between markers; and
  • Projects that are close to the Diploma boundary (<52%)

We will no longer moderate projects close to the Distinction boundary. In last year's cohort, this would have brought moderation down to a dozen or fewer projects. 

M. Osborne & I. Murray