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You are here: Home Administrative Committees Board of Studies Meetings 22 August 2012 Proposal for changing the exam/coursework weighting for PMR from 2012/13

Proposal for changing the exam/coursework weighting for PMR from 2012/13

Old assessment information:

Written Examination 70
Assessed Assignments 30
Oral Presentations 0


Two assignments, first on building belief networks, second on learning probabilistic models of data.

Proposed new assessment information for AY 2012/13

Written Examination 80
Assessed Assignments 20
Oral Presentations 0


One assignment, mainly focussing on learning probabilistic models of data.

Exam Diet

In the past PMR has been examined in the Main Exam Diet S2 (April/May). In my accepted request for sabbatical leave for the period Jan 2013–Dec 2013 I proposed examining PMR in Main Exam Diet S1 (December 2012); as it is a MSc-only course (level 11) this is consistent with our rules.

Rationale for the change

The Director of Teaching has been keen to avoid over-burdening students with coursework. PMR already has quite a high student participation load given the associated tutorials (which are crucial to a thorough understanding of the material). Given the additional pressure due to the S1 examination, it is wise to relax the assessed coursework component somewhat. The plan is to retain the most important coursework material on learning probabilistic models of data, covering the belief networks aspects through lectures and tutorial exercises.

I note that both the MLPR and IAML courses have a single assignment, so this chnage is in line with them.

Learning Outcomes

Outcomes 1-7 and 9 remain unchanged. The old version of outcome 8 is:

8 - Use belief network packages (e.g. JavaBayes) and matlab code for probabilistic graphical models.

This should be replaced by

8 - Use matlab code implementing probabilistic graphical models.

Sample coursework

The proposed coursework will be very similar to assignment 2 from previous years, see e.g.

Chris Williams
14 August 2012