This page gives instructions for submitting research papers in PDF format. First of all, you have to get your paper into PDF; then you go through the submissions procedure. These two stages are described separately below.

1. Getting your paper into PDF

This is done differently on DICE systems and PCs.

A. On DICE, via PostScript

Most DICE users will be producing PostScript from LaTeX (such users should read the next section even if they know about dvips). If you are producing PostScript from some other source then you can skip to section A2 below.

A1. From LaTeX to PostScript

LaTeX produces ouput in DVI format, which can be converted to PostScript via dvips. The recommended use of this command when you are aiming eventually to get to PDF format is as follows:

    latex mydoc.tex                              [creates mydoc.dvi]
    dvips -Ppdf -o mydoc.dvi            [creates]
The -Ppdf flag ensures that the representation of fonts will be such as to get the best out of the translation into PDF. Although this is not always necessary, including the flag is a sensible precaution unless you know better.

A2. From PostScript to PDF

Use ps2pdf for converting PostScript to PDF. If your PostScript file is, then:

will create a file mydoc.pdf in PDF format.

B. On a PC

You need to have Adobe's Acrobat installed on your PC. This software is already installed on the admin PCs in the School, and so if necessary you will need to use one of those. When viewing your paper (in any Windows program), select "Print" and specify a pseudo "Acrobat" printer.

2. Submitting the paper

Use the online form to submit the PDF form of your paper and enter the relevant meta-data about the paper. Please read the instructions on the first occasion that you use this form.

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