The Informatics@Edinburgh publications portal is now closed to submissions.

All published papers should be added to PURE as per the new School Publications Policy. If you wish to publish a technical report, please contact the KM team to discuss options.

The material that you provide via the submission form will be used to create an entry in the Informatics@Edinburgh Publications database. Because much of the process of feeding the database is automated, it is important that the information acquired by the form is correct. This document briefly summarises the most important things to look out for.

Abstract and Title

The text provided by you for abstract and title will be used exactly as you provide it to fill in fields in documents in various formats such as HTML and Latex. For these to all look plausible, you must stick to using straight ASCII text with no special formatting devices. However, the following convention can be used to impose some formatting in the abstract:

Long abstracts will be automatically truncated after 1992 characters (and the truncation will be indicated by ellipsis on the covers etc.). If you have a long abstract, it may make sense to truncate it yourself at an earlier point that makes sense. The first page of your document proper can of course contain an unabridged abstract.

Author Section

Please provide names of each of the authors in the order in which they appear on the paper. For each author who is a current member of the School, just fill in the "Login Name" field. This field should contain your local unix login name (username). For each author who is not a current member of the School, please fill in only the "Last Name" and "First Name" fields. Please give your own login name in the field "Submitter".

Publication Details

Optional Link to full publication

You can either provide the url of the publication, e.g. on the journal's web site or your personal page, or you can provide a pdf file of the publication. If you provide a pdf file then you will need to fill in and post off the copyright declaration form. Before doing this, you should consult the copyright advice we have provided.

RAE Details

If none of the authors is included in our list of Category A Staff or if none of them intend to submit this publication as one of the RAE 2008 nominated "research outputs", then you have now completed the form. Otherwise, follow the further instructions on how to fill in this section.

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