Jamboree Posters 2001

Below you will find links to the posters submitted for the Informatics Jamboree poster competition. To view the posters as they were intended to be viewed, use the drop down menu initially marked 'Portrait' to change the orientation of the poster to "Landscape". You can also use the button to the right of the orientation button to alter how much of the poster can be viewed on-screen at once.

PhD students

Hedgehog, Automatic Verification of Design Patterns in Java - Alex Blewitt, IRR
Encoding Distributed Areas into a Calculus Without Them - Tom Chothia, LFCS 3RD PRIZE
The Hemispheric Lateralisation of the Length Effect in Chinese Character Recognition - Yu-Ju Chou, ANC
A Robot Implementation of a Biologically Inspired Method for Novelty Detection - Paul Crook, IPAB
Simulating real-world graph comprehension - Mary Ellen Foster, ICCS
" Hello my sweet princess, how you doin'? " or, Personality Projection in Electronic Communication - Alastair Gill, ICCS
Split Architectures and Modelling the Perception of Symmetry - John Hicks, ANC
Statistical Parsing for CCG with Generative Models - Julia Hockenmaier, ICCS
Compiling for Multi-threaded Architectures - Japheth Hossell, ICSA
Circlets: Circuitry over the Internet - Irwin Kennedy, ICSA
Automating Proof in Non-Standard Analysis, Using proof-planning in calculus theorems in non-standard analysis - Ewen Maclean, IRR
McGonagall: The Evolutionary Poet - Ruli Manurung, ICCS 1ST PRIZE
Interacting  with a Robot to Enhance its Perceptual Attention - Yuval Marom, IPAB
Automating Lexical Representation, Applying Machine Learning to Lexical Inheritance Hierarchies - Caroline Sporleder, ICCS 3RD PRIZE
Reducing Proof Burden in Object-Oriented Program Verification, Verification Condition Generation from Object-Oriented Programs - Francis Tang, LFCS
Instance-based Natural Language Generation, Hybrid surface realisation using rules and examples - Sebastian Varges, ICCS
What If Robins Had No Wings? An Equational Model of Counterfactual Reasoning - Dan Yarlett, ICCS 2ND PRIZE

MSc students

Genetic Hierarchical Music Structures - Charles Fox
When are we drinked, and when just plain drunk? The influence of semantics in human past tense comprehension - Malte Huebner 1ST PRIZE
XML Form-Filling System for the WWW - An online form-filling system based on XML, XSLT and XLink - Dimitrios Pantazopoulos

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