This is the 2015/16 page for SEOC. In 2016/17 it is being replaced by Software Design and Modelling.

Software Engineering with Objects and Components

Welcome to the home page of the course on Software Engineering with Objects and Components (SEOC). Here you will find all the information you need about the course.


  1. Revision session, 2pm Friday 22nd April, Lecture Theatre 1, 7 Bristo Square.
  2. 12/10: Contrary to my belief, it seems that our sessions are being videoed! The page - which does not get updated very promptly, and this is not anything to do with me - is here. The rather interactive sessions we often have may be hard to follow on video, though (which is why I hadn't actually asked for them to be videoed): I strongly recommend against planning to watch videos instead of attending.
  3. 29/9: Some notes on your answers to the preassessment questions.
  4. 25/9: confirmation that there will be no tutorials this year. See Feedback link above concerning alternative mechanisms for feedback.
  5. The first SEOC lecture will be at 16.10 on Tuesday 22nd September 2015 in Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 2.
  6. There is a SEOC mailing list. If you are registered for this course, you will be on the list. You must, and will be assumed to, read your university email regularly (at least every other day). You may mail to this list, but for most purposes posting to Piazza would be better.
  7. Right now it does not look as though we will be having tutorials.
  8. That makes it more important that you participate in the Piazza class, see above.
  9. We won't use every lecture slot: see schedule for latest plan.
  10. Please do the preassessment by the end of Saturday 26/9; this helps me to see what I can assume people know, and will also help you if you have unusual gaps in your knowledge, as I'll write notes on how to fill them.
  11. Prerequisite knowledge. If you read the descriptor carefully, you'll see it refers to prerequisite knowledge without actually specifying prerequisite courses: I think this is because the course is open to MSc students whose courses won't be ours, but it is clearly causing confusion. If you are an Edinburgh undergraduate comfortable with the material of Inf1OP and Inf2C-SE, you're OK. For other students: you should have, or be willing to work hard to acquire very quickly, a solid understanding of programming in Java, including the use of classes, inheritance and polymorphism; a basic knowledge of software engineering, e.g., what is meant by requirements, design, code, test; some basic knowledge of UML use case, class and sequence diagrams. The UML is the least important, as it's easiest to pick up. If in doubt, ask on Piazza (preferred) or mail me.

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