SEOC Practical Work: Group Project

This page contains all the information necessary to complete the SEOC practical. In the practical you are required to work in a small group on the specification, design and implementation of a Supply Chain Logistics System (SCLS).

Customer Requirements Document

The following document by P&G provides the main information for your system requirements. It is the main source for eliciting and gathering your system requirements.

Your first task is to understand the main requirements for a Supply Chain Logistics System (SCLS). Subsequent handouts will provide details on the two main deliverables and their assessment.

Sample Data

The following documents by P&G provides sample data. The samples will help you to construct and test the system. P&G supplies updated copies of all these files, with different values, to test the prototype upon delivery. These sample files are not necessarily representative of the real size of P&G UK business and contain no commercially confidential information.
Distribution Centres [SCLS_DC.csv]
Customer Locations [SCLS_CustomerLocation.csv]
Plant Locations [SCLS_PlantLocation.csv]
Product Specifications [SCLS_ProductSpecification.csv]
Product Orders [SCLS_ProductOrders.csv]
Wagon Fleet [SCLS_WagonFleet.csv]

Project Handouts and Deliverables

The handouts and deliverables provide detailed instructions. Over the course of the practical there will be several handouts issued.


  1. Deadline for Deliverable 1: 2pm Friday 28th October 2011
  2. Deadline for Deliverable 2: 2pm Friday 25th November 2011

Project Description and Organization

The following handout provides a description of the work project organization. The coursework project involves two deliverables equally weighted.

Deliverable 1

The following handouts are relevant to the first deliverable:

Deliverable 2

The following handouts are relevant to the second deliverable:


Much of the work of the tutorials will be directed towards completing the group project. Tutorial meetings will have some activities associated with them. The tutorial handout describes the tutorial organisation and timetable. The activities are described here:

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