Feb 15, 2018 The assignment has been released and is available here. It is due Tuesday March 20 2018 at 16:00 (see the assignment file for instructions).
Feb 14, 2018 In tutorial 2, the solution to Exercise 4 on the restricted Boltzmann machine, part (c) was misleading at the very end of the document, around Eq (S.21). Please find here an amended version of the solutions.
Feb 14, 2018 Uploaded slides on Exact Inference and updated the corresponding list of required and optional study material.
Feb 12, 2018 Fixed some typos in question 3 of Tutorial 3:
In part (a), Equation (4) should read .
In part (d) the factor graph should have a factor node labelled as .
Feb 12, 2018 Updated slides on Factor Graphs.
Feb 9, 2018 The answers to Tutorial 2 are online. Tutorial 3 is ready.
Feb 5, 2018 Updated slides on the Expressive Power of Graphical Models.
Feb 2, 2018 The answers to Tutorial 1 are online. Tutorial 2 is ready.
Jan 28, 2018 The tutorials start on Monday. The answers to Tutorial 1 will be made available on Friday evening.
Jan 28, 2018 Corrected error on slide 44 in the Directed Graphical Models slides. Updated slides on Undirected Graphical Models.
Jan 25, 2018 List with required and optional material for week 3 and 4 added.
Jan 22, 2018 Tutorial 1 finalised and ready for you.
Jan 18, 2018 Slides Basic Assumptions for Efficient Model Representation and Directed Graphical Models updated.
Jan 11, 2018 Course homepage updated.