This syllabus is still being revised, so topics of future lectures are subject to change.

There will be around fifteen lectures, and a few feedforward sessions for the coursework and exams.

Students enrolled in the course can access lecture recordings through learn using the "Media Hopper Replay" link in the left sidebar.
Week Day Plan
Week Day Plan
Week 1 Jan 16 Introduction
Slides 4up slides
Jan 19 Perceptrons and backpropagation
Slides 4up slides
Week 2 Jan 23 Feedforward language models
Slides 4up slides
Jan 26 Recurrent language models
Slides 4up slides
Week 3 Jan 30 Word representations and morphology
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Feb 02 Compositional character representations
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Week 4 Feb 06 Guest lecture by Alan Nichol, co-founder of Rasa, on conversational AI
No meeting on Feb 9
Week 5 No meeting on Feb 13
Feb 16 Feedforward session
The Festival of Creative Learning happens the week of 19 Feb. No lectures.
Week 6 Feb 27 Unsupervised POS tagging
2017 slides
Mar 02 Dependency parsing
2017 slides
Week 7 Mar 06 Dependency parsing
2017 slides
Mar 09 Feedforward session for coursework
Week 8 Mar 13 Semantic role labeling
2017 slides
Mar 16 Coursework Due! Semantic parsing
Week 9 Mar 20 TBA (Advanced topics)
Mar 23 TBA (Advanced topics)
Week 10 Mar 27 TBA (Advanced topics)
Mar 30 TBA (Advanced topics)
Week 11 Apr 03 Feedforward session for exam

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