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Note that J&M indicates readings from Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft) by Dan Jurafsky and James H. Martin. These are optional readings for students with insufficient NLP background.

1 1Introduction [1up] [4up]Goldberg (2015), Manning (2015)F
Lexical Representations
1 2Word Co-occurrence [1up] [4up] Landauer and Dumais (1997), J&M Ch. 15, J&M Ch. 16, SVD tutorial notesM
2 3Topic Models [1up] [4up] Griffiths et al. (2007), Simple Topic ModelM
2 4Topic Models (continued) [1up] [4up] Griffiths et al. (2007), Simple Topic ModelM
3 5Semantic Composition [1up] [4up] Mitchell and Lapata (2010), Blacoe and Lapata (2012) M
Feedforward Networks
3 6Perceptrons and Backpropagation [1up] [4up]Gurney (1997), Ch. 2-5F
4 7Word Embeddings [1up] [4up]Mikolov et al. (2013a), Mikolov et al (2013b), Goldberg and Levy (2014)M
4 Assignment 1 Feedforward SessionM
Syntactic Representations
5 8Dependency Parsing 1 [1up] [4up]McDonald et al. (2005), J&M Ch. 12, J&M Ch. 14F
5 9Dependency Parsing 2 [1up] [4up]Chen and Manning (2014)M
Feb 20-24 No teaching: Festival of Creative Learning
610PoS Tagging 1 [1up] [4up]Goldwater and Griffiths (2007), J&M Ch. 9, J&M Ch. 10F
611PoS Tagging 2 [1up] [4up]Berg-Kirkpatrick et al. (2010), Lin et al. (2015)F
Recurrent Networks; Semantic Representations
712Language Modeling [1up] [4up]Mikolov et al. (2010), J&M Ch. 4F
713Long Short-term Memory [1up] [4up]Graves (2012), Ch. 4F
814Semantic Role Labeling [1up] [4up]Zhou and Xu (2015), J&M Ch. 22F
Recursive Networks
815Sentiment [1up] [4up] Socher et al. (2011)M
9 Assignment 2 Feedforward sessionF
Convolutional Networks; Discourse Representations
916Sentence Classification [1up] [4up] Kim (2014), Zhang and Wallace (2015)M
1017Discourse [1up] [4up] Barzilay and Lapata (2008)M
1018Discourse and Compositionality [1up] [4up] Li and Hovy (2014)M

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